Tetra Medical

Baby Diapers

Building on its partnership with the company TZMO for adult incontinence, Laboratoire Tetra Medical also offers a complete line of baby diapers.

Available in multiple sizes, Happy diapers provide:

  • Freedom of movement thanks to the elastic waist that adjusts to baby's size and the elastic clips that can be repositioned
  • Rapid absorption thanks to a non-woven cloth that rapidly distributes urine and liquid stool to keep baby feeling comfortably dry
  • Adjustment to baby's shape thanks to anatomical ticking
  • Breathability thanks to air flow technology for better skin tolerance

Not to forget Cotocouche, the flagship product to protect against diaper rash, which Laboratoire Tetra Medical has sold for many years. With its biodegradable natural cotton ticking, Cotocouche protects against mild skin irritation and diaper rash.

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