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HAPPY nappies

Building on its partnership with TZMO, Laboratoire Tetra Medical offers a complete range of nappies.

Available in several sizes, Happy nappies ensure:

Freedom of movement thanks to an elasticated waistband that adjusts to baby and elasticated tabs that can be repositioned several times
Rapid absorption thanks to a non-woven fabric that quickly distributes urine and liquid stools for an ideal ‘keep dry’ effect for babies
Adjustment to the baby's morphology thanks to an anatomical padding
Breathability thanks to air flow technology, offering better skin tolerance
Sizes 0 and 1 nappies

New-borns and infants particularly require gentle care, which is why the early care system guarantees the most vital qualities in a nappy for them and their sensitive skin: softness, delicacy, and prevention of irritation.

Sizes 3, 4, and 5 nappies

Babies grow and start rolling, then crawling and sitting, then standing up, and finally walking.

At this stage, nappies not only need to guarantee dryness but they also need to provide the greatest freedom of movement.

Happy nappies are natural and perfectly safe for the sensitive skin of babies.

0% Fragrance

Happy nappies are fragrance free

0% Chlorine

Happy nappies do not contain harmful chlorine-bleached materials

0% Latex

Happy nappies do not contain latex, which can irritate the sensitive skin of babiesp

Healthy and safe nappies

The quality and safety of Happy nappies have been confirmed by dermatological tests.

The nappies have also been favourably assessed by the French Mother and Child Institute and the French National Institute of Hygiene.

New HAPPY PANTS nappies

To support babies in toilet training
Your child is learning how to use a potty; Happy pants are perfectly suited for toilet training as they are easy to pull up and down
0% undesirable ingredients
High absorption capacity
Breathable layers for improved skin tolerance


Cotocouche is Laboratoire Tetra Médical’s flagship product against nappy rash that has been distributed for years.
Thanks to its biodegradable natural cotton padding, Cotocouche prevents minor skin irritations and nappy rash.