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Large oval make-up remover cotton wool pads

Large oval make-up remover cotton wool pads are very soft and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Quite large, they are perfect for make-up removal and face care.

Baby large square cotton wool pads:

Specially designed for baby hygiene, Nature & Organics baby large square cotton wool pads are ideal for gently and deeply cleaning babies' delicate skin.

Cotton buds for adults

Cotton buds offer absolute comfort when cleaning the ears, without polluting the planet.

Safety cotton buds

Baby safety cotton buds are specifically designed to clean babies’ delicate ears. The slender tips make hygiene easier by ensuring a certain level of safety in handling without pushing the bud too deep into the ear canal.

Baby wipes

Ultra-soft Nature & Organics baby wipes are ideal to cleanse the sensitive skin of babies. Designed with Aloe vera, they prevent irritation and help regenerate the skin while moisturising it. Ideal for baby hygiene or to clean up bigger children on outings.

Make-up remover wipes

Silky and hypoallergenic, Nature & Organics make-up remover wipes gently remove makeup and impurities. Suitable for sensitive skin. Designed for daily use, they transform make-up removal into a genuine moment of well-being and care.

Organic Tetrapad cotton wool squares

100% organic Tetrapad cotton wool squares are specially designed for family hygiene. Whether for baby care or make-up removal, organic Tetrapad cotton wool squares are intensely soft and provide optimal comfort during use. They can be used every day without any risk of skin allergies.