Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, Laboratoire TETRA Médical is striving to offer you professional quality hand sanitizer, made in France, at the best price. A health stakeholder for 115 years, Laboratoire TETRA Médical must meet the needs of Hospitals and Clinics, long-term care facilities (EHPAD), Home Care, and Pharmacies, by guaranteeing continuity of supply and delivery of products ensuring irreproachable quality (traceability, composition, transport regulations).

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How to choose the right alcohol hand gel?

Our hands are almost permanently exposed to the viruses that surround us. We unconsciously touch our face almost 3,000 times a day! Given that the eyes, nose, and mouth are entry points for Covid-19, good hand hygiene is therefore essential. This is one of the most effective barrier gestures against Covid-19. When there is nowhere to wash your hands nearby, such as in the car after going shopping, hand sanitizer are valuable allies. But they still need to be well chosen ... A good alcohol hand gel must meet several criteria in order to be effective. When shopping, we therefore advise you to check these criteria because not all gels are effective against viruses and bacteria.

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