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Face à la crise du Covid-19, le Laboratoire TETRA Médical se mobilise pour vous proposer des gels hydroalcooliques de qualité professionnelle au meilleur prix.
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Gels lavants 100% naturelle distribués en vrac
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Laboratoire TETRA MEdical is mobilised during the COVID-19 crisis

TETRA’s two production sites at Annonay (07) and Orléans (45) are striving to ensure your continuity of care, process your orders, and make every effort to honour your deliveries during the pandemic.

In a civic and responsible manner, TETRA is maintaining its production and is continuing to deliver our hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and home care. Affected and concerned by the fight against the Covid19 epidemic, we are vigilant and united, all of us as one.

We are putting everything in place to ensure that barrier gestures and safety instructions are respected by our employees: for their health, our health, the health of their colleagues, and that of their families.

Laboratoire TETRA MEdical is mobilised during the COVID-19 crisis

Our ranges

Laboratoire TETRA Médical supports you in your daily care by offering you products corresponding to products on the LPPR (reimbursable products and services list) adapted to each need.

Our TETRASET home infusion range facilitates home infusions for patients, providing a comprehensive, secure solution in accordance with PERFADOM regulations.

Our TETRASET POST OP and PLAIES CHRONIQUES ranges cover cleansing and dressing wounds at home.

Finally, our specialised dressings range is adapted to each pathology according to the healing phase. This can be supplemented by our Blanche range for hospital quality at value for money prices.

Laboratoire TETRA Médical offers effective and multi-action products for better daily comfort.

Laboratoire TETRA Médical offers effective and multi-action products for better daily comfort.

Our off-the-shelf recommended range also offers a complete solution with gauzes, bandages, and dressings to safely treat wounds.

As we are a French, family-owned, and independent company, it seemed essential to us to develop a range of environmentally friendly products that respect our values.

Our Nature & Organics range includes hygiene products for skincare of babies, mothers, and the rest of the family, including ultra-rich cleansing gels distributed in bulk and new environmentally-friendly sunscreen.

All of our products are certified organic, according to two standards: GOTS and COSMOS guaranteeing manufacturing processes that respect the environment and working conditions.

Close to parents, Laboratoire TETRA Médical has developed the Absolument bébé by Laboratoire TETRA Médical range for new-borns and toddlers.

Concerned about baby’s comfort, Laboratoire Tetra Médical offers a complete range of hygiene products as well as chemical-free disposable nappies that respect babies’ delicate skin.

To complete this offer, we offer a 100% French childcare brand: Le Biberon Français, Laboratoire TETRA Médical’s new partner! With a constant concern for baby comfort and well-being, Laboratoire TETRA Médical has chosen to partner with Le Biberon Français, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality. Discover our new ranges of patented baby bottles, with a unique concept on the market.

Elles by Laboratoire TETRA Médical supports women in their daily lives by giving them confidence through our comprehensive range of hygiene and well-being products.

For skincare, Laboratoire Tetra Médical offers you make-up removing cotton pads and squares suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Under the Bella brand, Laboratoire Tetra Médical offers a wide range of products: sanitary pads, panty liners, and tampons to meet all personal hygiene issues. At every stage of their life, as in everyday life, women need to be sure of their protection.

Whatever your level and whether you regularly or occasionally play sports, the Sportivement by Laboratoire TETRA Médical supports you before, during, and after playing sports.

Our new partner EONA, offers you a range of aromatherapy treatments for common issues: muscle pain, joint pain, circulatory disorders, sports preparation, relaxation, and well-being.

EONA combines aromatherapy expertise with perfect knowledge of the human body to offer natural care for those who wish to preserve and optimise their health capital using natural products.

Discover our full range of incontinence products for men and women,
adapted to each of your needs.

The international SENI brand offers you a wide choice of products for all types and degrees of urine leakage. Latex-free, chlorine-free, and free from harmful substances, SENI incontinence pads reduce skin irritation and guarantee great comfort of use.

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production & strerilisation sites

Sale of alcohol hand gel

Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, Laboratoire TETRA Médical is striving to offer you professional quality hand sanitizer, made in France,

Laboratoire TETRA Médical is mobilised during the COVID-19 crisis

TETRA’s two production sites at Annonay (07) and Orléans (45) are striving to ensure the continuity of your care,

Octopus, the first French NGO fully committed to protecting marine ecosystems

Laboratoire TETRA Médical has partnered with NIU to offer quality environmentally friendly products. NIU is a French sunscreen brand