Tetra Medical




Building on over a century of experience and development, Laboratoire Tetra Medical offers single-use medical devices for healthcare professionals, hospitals, clinics and medical equipment suppliers.

Today, we can offer wide ranges of products to our partners, both in France and abroad, including:

  • Sterile or non-sterile non-woven swabs
  • Gauze swabs
  • Care products
  • tetraset® treatment kits
  • tetradrape® surgical draping
  • tetrabasic® accessory products
  • Le Soin à l’Etat Pur®

The diversity of our product offering enables us to continuously offer a comprehensive range of products to healthcare establishments, improving your economy of scale.

The inventor of the 4-ply swab and a specialist in all kinds of swabs, Laboratoire Tetra Medical offers its partners a wide range, designed to meet all of your needs.

Inspired by the market, we have developed many additional lines such as our tetraset® treatment kits, designed with and for healthcare professionals, in order to ensure their adaptability to your treatment protocols.

In the same spirit, Laboratoire Tetra Medical has developed a line of surgical draping, tetradrape®, and a line of accessory products, tetrabasic®, in order to provide you with solutions that are optimally suited to your needs.



Laboratoire Tetra Medical is committed to bringing its hospital expertise to your community pharmacy.
Our dispensary offering is composed of a range designed for optimal wound care:

  • Woven or non-woven, sterile or non-sterile swabs
  • Stretch or crêpe adhesive bandages and straps
  • Cotton wool
  • Technical dressings, Absorbent or protective dressings
  • tetraset® treatment kits for home treatment
  • Perfusion kits modelled on the latest care packages

Laboratoire Tetra Medical has developed various solutions to meet consumers' growing hygiene and treatment needs, which are freely accessible on pharmacy shelves.

We have created a new brand for our partners, "Le Soin à l'État Pur", which is dedicated to:

  • first aid (swabs, dressings, adhesive plaster, straps),
  • hygiene (cotton, cotton swabs, makeup removal pads, disposable cellulose or cotton tissues, sold exclusively in France, which feel like a cloth handkerchief),
  • baby products (large cotton pads, safety cotton swabs and cotton cloths, a budget-friendly bulk solution, available in packs of 200, which are multi-use for both mother and baby)
  • foot care products, with a complete range of inserts, toe spreaders and spacers, and metatarsal protectors to help with all kinds of foot pain

Laboratoire Tetra Médical also manufactures:

  • a feminine hygiene line, BELLA, which is designed for sensitive skin, made of hyper-absorbent and odour-neutralising cotton.
  • a complete range of incontinence products, SENI, which are latex-free, chlorine-free and hyper-absorbent
  • And various medical equipment solutions and pharmaceutical lozenges.

Laboratoire Tetra Medical also offers products for the highly dynamic French baby care market:

  • COTOCOUCHE: the 100% natural diaper rash solution.
  • HAPPY: the premium, baby diaper brand, latex-free, chlorine-free, highly comfortable and absorbent, which perfectly adjusts to different baby sizes with a special feature for newborn comfort.
  • SUAVINEX: a leading brand in Spain, SUAVINEX is the bottle specialist, transforming its pacifiers, bottles and pacifier clips into true fashion accessories for babies.