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Our markets


Hospitals, Clinics, Export, and Resellers

With more than a century of experience and development, Laboratoire Tetra Medical offers disposable products for healthcare establishments, hospitals, clinics, and medical supplies retailers.

We can currently offer our partners in France and worldwide wide ranges of products, such as:

Icone_Tetra -02
Sterile and non-sterile non-woven swabs
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Gauze swabs
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Blanche range
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Tetraset® treatment kits
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Tetradrape® surgical drapes
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Tetrabasic® related products
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Le Soin à l’Etat Pur®

This complementarity in our offering allows us to offer healthcare establishments a global offer contributing to the synergies and optimisations of your purchasing processes. Inventor of the 4-ply swabs and a specialist in swabs in general, Laboratoire Tetra Medical offers all its customers complete and varied ranges of swabs meeting all your needs.

Inspired by the market, we have developed several additional ranges, such as our Tetraset® treatment kits designed with and by healthcare professionals ensuring optimal adaptability to your treatment protocols.

In the same vein, Laboratoire Tetra Medical has developed a range of surgical drapes, Tetradrape® and a range of Tetrabasic® satellite products in order to provide you with the solution adapted to your needs.


Our products are currently available in 49 countries and on 3 continents. Currently 14% of our turnover (2019) is from Export.


Laboratoire Tetra Medical’s vocation is to bring its hospital expertise to the pharmacies.

Our pharmacy offering consists of a range to allow you the best possible care of wounds:

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Sterile and non-sterile woven and non-woven swabs
Icone_Tetra -02
Stretch and crepe bandages and straps
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Hydrophilic cotton
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Specialised dressings, Absorbent or protective dressings
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TETRASET treatment kits for home care

Laboratoire Tetra Medical has developed various solutions to meet the increasing hygiene and care needs of consumers that are available on parapharmacy shelves.


Pharmacy products are at the heart of our concerns.  Every day, we position ourselves as a provider of solutions to meet our changing environment.


The graphic identity of Pharmacy product ranges is changing.  TETRA Médical wanted to boost and rejuvenate its image with pharmacists and consumers. As such, our teams worked on a new more dynamic design style guide that is closer to its target consumers.


Today our products are present in four very distinct design styles.

Close to parents, Laboratoire TETRA Médical decided to develop a range for babies.

Our Absolument bébé by Laboratoire TETRA Médical range has been specially designed to adapt to all a baby’s needs, from birth to 3 years old, and includes hygiene products, nappies, and bottles.

All of our partners share our beliefs and values by offering quality products that respect babies’ skin.


Our partners:


Being a French, family-owned, and independent company, it seemed essential to us to work with French stakeholders while developing an environmentally responsible range that respects our values.

All our partners share our convictions and offer environmentally responsible and friendly products that are made in France.


Our partners:

Our ranges meet all the beauty and skincare needs of all women. All our partners share our convictions and offer premium products that are tailored to all consumer needs.

Our partners:

Whatever your level and whether you regularly or occasionally play sports, the Sportivement by Laboratoire TETRA Médical range helps you prepare for effort and to recover well. All of our partners share our convictions and values by offering quality products adapted to each of your needs.

Our partners :


Home care providers


To support an ageing population and the increase in chronic diseases,

home care providers offer the services and technologies necessary for treatment in the patient’s home,

while liaising with other healthcare providers.

4 domaines de prise en charge

Bringing medical technology to patients’ homes

Home care providers provide the services and medical devices necessary for the treatment of patients (infusion systems, respirators, insulin treatment by external pump, etc.) or to compensate for their loss of autonomy at the patient’s home.


The services allow the use of complex technologies that facilitate the implementation of home treatment; in almost all cases, they are delivered to the patient on medical prescription and are reimbursed by the French social security on the basis of the liability rates defined in the Reimbursable products and services list (LPPR).


Participate in care coordination

The home care service is comprehensive and includes, throughout care, a set of services for the patient and those around them (including training and education) as well as a permanent link with other healthcare, medical, or paramedical stakeholders (prescribing doctors, general practitioner, private nurse, pharmacist).

Depending on the case, the home care service provider can take charge of the patient, either directly at the prescribing doctor’s request (the most frequent case), or on behalf of other stakeholders, such as pharmacies or Hospital at Home organisations, or as a subcontractor.

In all cases, their action is closely coordinated with those of the other stakeholders involved in the patient’s care, starting with the prescribing doctor (or the referring general practitioner when the latter is not the prescriber) as well as with other local healthcare professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, etc.) working with the patient.