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Whether you suffer from stress, urge, overflow, mixed or neurogenic incontinence, this ailment can greatly impact your life. But it does not have to prevent you from enjoying life. It is with this goal in mind that Laboratoire Tetra Medical has worked with the company TZMO to develop a complete range of protection products for the French market.

The Seni range offers our users effective, customized protection that is gentle on skin.


The top layer is composed of cloth that lets water vapour through but is impervious to liquids. Air circulation allows the skin to breathe freely.

An enhanced "Stay Dry" effect:

A special non-woven Extra Dry System cloth layer ensures the rapid, complete dispersal of liquids into the absorbent pad, improving the comfort of users of Seni products.

Discretion and comfort:

The exterior layer is especially soft, odourless and noise-reducing for increased discretion and comfort.

Odour reduction:

The absorbent pad contains a special superabsorbent product which captures liquid and limits the growth of the bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours.

Minimisation of irritants:

The elastic components of Seni products are made from latex-free elastic threads to reduce allergy risk..

Optimised anatomical adjustment:

The anatomical shape of Seni products adapts to the wearer's body shape. Optimised adjustment means skin integrity, discretion and guaranteed comfort and freedom of movement.

Ranging from light to severe incontinence in order to meet all customers' needs, our product line is composed of:

  • Seni Lady, specially designed to guard against bladder weakness, is more absorbent and more effective than traditional sanitary napkins.
  • Seni Man, specially designed to protect against bladder weakness in men.
  • San Seni, anatomical protection that can be attached using Seni Fix mesh underpants for optimised adjustment regardless of the wearer’s anatomy.
  • Seni Active, absorbent underpants for optimal comfort and protection, offering ideal discretion.
  • Super Seni, a line of all-in-one diapers for moderate to severe incontinence.

In addition to our range of protective products, TZMO and Laboratoire Tetra Medical have also developed a range of armchair and mattress protectors.

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