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qu'est ce que l'incontience

Whether it is stress, urge, overflow, mixed, or neurogenic, incontinence can have a huge impact on your life. However, your life should not come to a standstill. It is with this in mind that Laboratoire Tetra Médical worked in partnership with TZMO to distribute a complete range of pads in France.

qu'est ce que l'incontience

The Seni range of pads provides our users with effective, appropriate protection that preserves the skin.


The top layer is permeable to water vapour while remaining impermeable to liquids. Air circulation allows the skin to breathe freely.

Reinforced ‘Stay Dry’ effect

A special Extra Dry System non-woven layer guarantees rapid and complete distribution of the liquids absorbed inside the absorbent pad, thus improving the comfort of using Seni products.

Discretion and comfort

The outer layer is particularly soft, odourless, and anti-noise for even more discretion and comfort.

Odour reduction

The absorbent pad has a special superabsorbent care that, thanks to its properties, captures liquid and controls the growth of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours.

Minimisation of the risk of irritation

The elasticated components in Seni pads are made from latex-free elastic threads to minimise the risk of allergies.

Optimum anatomical fit

The anatomical shape of Seni pads allows them to better adapt to the wearer’s morphology. Optimal fit means skin protection and discretion, and guarantees comfort and freedom of movement.

How to choose the right absorbent product for urinary leakage?
choisir le produit absorbant

Choose the product according to the level of incontinence and mobility.

produit selon le degrés d'incontinence

Ranging from light to heavy incontinence to meet all your needs, our range consists of:

Seni Lady,

Specially designed to protect against urinary leakage, they are more absorbent and more effective than conventional sanitary pads.

Seni Man,

specially designed to protect men’s bladder weakness

San Seni,

Anatomical pads that are secured with Seni Fix mesh briefs to ensure optimum fit regardless of the person’s anatomy.

San seni

Seni Active,

The absorbent briefs provide comfort and optimum protection, offering ideal discretion for people with full autonomy.

Super Seni,

Is a complete range of pads for moderate to heavy incontinence

In addition to our range of pads, TZMO and Laboratoire Tetra Medical provide a range of disposable bed pads, ideal to protect chairs and mattresses.