Tetra Medical

Treatment Kits

Thanks to experience gained while manufacturing medical swabs, many years ago Laboratoire Tetra Medical began to specialize in the assembly of treatment kits. With our tetraset® line, which contains over 400 references, we are proud to provide you with products perfectly suited to all of your pharmacy or hospital needs.

Our "custom" approach gives us the flexibility and adaptability required to satisfy the patient while facilitating the user's work. Our French assembly and sterilisation ensure the safety of our treatment kits.

Designed with you to meet your needs, our tetraset® line offers you:

  • Dressing kits
  • Stitch removal kits
  • Anaesthesia kits
  • Catheter dialysis kits
  • Fistula dialysis kits
  • Perfusion kits
  • Skin preparation kits
  • Oral care kits
  • Urinary catheterization kits
  • Stitching kits
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