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Above all, Laboratoire Tetra Medical's ambition is to offer its customers complete lines of innovative products that meet all of their needs. With this in mind, we have developed a partnership with the Iberian company Suavinex, which has over 30 years' experience in the baby bottle, pacifier and teat market.

True fashion accessories, the wide variety of our product offering can meet all of your needs while suiting your aesthetic preferences. Like fashion brands, our product range is presented in the form of collections. Some collections are permanent, but in order to offer the widest possible range of choices, temporary collections will be launched from season to season.

This wide range of choices will contain something for everyone. Consumers of our products can choose between the different collections, models, sizes, materials and functions to ensure their babies' well-being.


For parents opting for mixed feeding or bottle-only, selecting the correct teat to place on the bottle is key. Suavinex teats adapt to the baby's needs at every stage of his or her growth.

The range's strong points:

The different bottles and teats are available in all product lines, whether permanent or temporary. The round or physiological teats, available in multiple sizes and flow rates, ensure your baby is as comfortable as possible.
All of the bottles and bottle teats are manufactured in the European Union.

Available lines:

  • Total Look line
  • Rose et Bleu line
  • Couture line
  • Meaningful line
  • Temporary lines


It has been shown that non-nutritional sucking releases endorphins, chemicals that trigger a pleasant response in the baby, calming and relaxing him or her. Our line of pacifiers allows you to choose the shape (physiological or reversible) and material (latex or silicone) so you can best meet your baby's needs.

The range's strong points:

Our physiological or reversible pacifiers are available in multiple sizes and with multiple features. Whether basic, fusion, evolution, premium, dental, night & day or physiological, our pacifiers meet your baby's needs depending on his or her age.

Available lines:

Physiological pacifiers:

Available in the Total Look line in latex or silicone or in the Rose et Bleu line in silicone

Round / reversible pacifiers:

Available in the Total Look line in latex or silicone and in the Couture and Meaningful Life lines in silicone.
Pacifier clips are also available in the lines mentioned above.

Discover our new products: an electric bottle warmer and a food processor, to give your baby the best of the best.


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