Tetra Medical

Le soin à l’état pur®

As part of their constant search of new ways to benefit their users, Laboratoire Tetra Medical designed and established the Le Soin à l'État Pur® range.

Le Soin à l’État Pur® is composed of three subfamilies:

  • First aid
  • Hygiene
  • Baby


The treatment family of our Le Soin à l'État Pur® range is focused on first aid treatments for minor injuries. This range, composed of compresses, bandages, plasters, straps and tulle gras, is the core of the subfamily. However, to expand the Le Soin à l'État Pur® treatment offering, we have recently launched a complete line of foot care products. Developed in collaboration with a company with decades of foot care experience, our product offering is composed of:

  • Toe caps
  • Gel toe protector tubes
  • Toe spacers
  • Gel toe spreaders and bunion protectors
  • Hallux valgus protector gel
  • Metatarsal protectors
  • Gel heel protectors
  • Comfort heel support cupules
  • Silicone shoe lifts for cracked heels
  • Silicone soles


Through its culture of innovation, Laboratoire Tetra Medical has developed a hygiene component for its Le Soin à l'État Pur® brand, composed of:

  • Water-activated 2-in-1 square cotton pads soaked in argan oil and vitamin E
  • 100% cotton tissues
  • Round and square cotton pads
  • Cotton swabs


A line of products developed for mothers and babies to meet a wide variety of needs as cheaply as possible. Le Soin à l’État Pur® for babies includes:

  • Tetrapad® rectangular cotton pads in 200-unit packs for the whole family
  • Square cotton pads
  • Large, double-sided square pads specially designed to clean baby's face and body
  • Safety cotton swabs

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