Laboratoire TETRA Médical has partnered with NIU to offer quality environmentally friendly products.

NIU is a French sunscreen brand, organic, ecological, and nanoparticle-free, that preserves biodiversity and especially your skin! Consumption today is moving towards products that are healthier for users and the planet. This is why we have chosen to work with NIU, a French company which shares our values.

NIU is committed to preserving our oceans and our health by carrying out actions, such as funded coral reefs and cleaning beaches. This is why the creation of an NGO seemed a priority to it, and today we are pleased to present Octopus to you. The NGO was created in 2019 by NIU’s co-founders and a group of committed and motivated people. The concept is to find partner companies, and invest their funds in environmental actions led by the Octopus team in order to limit the negative impact of human activities on marine ecosystems and biodiversity in general.

The objectives of the NGO Octopus:

    – help companies engage in environmental actions

    – replant coral reefs

    – collect plastic

    – outreach to businesses and individuals

TETRA decided to join this NGO because it seemed important to us in these times of environmental crises to act and set an example so that we can all have a positive impact on the environment

If you would like to involve your company or donate to Octopus, we invite you to visit our partner’s website at:

ONG Octopus